Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just got back from a short vacation up to NorCal, ITs the main reason i havent been posting and havent been showing love to all my followers.

Sorry guys, ill make it up to all of you, just so you know you are NOT forgotten :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

iPod facetime

Got me a ishit in the mail and i wanted to test this facetime thing out

so heres my email

GAU-8 Avenger Gatling Gun

Aboard the USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II or more affectionately known as the warthog

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just got updated, thanks Amon_Ra

Toungue + teeth= oops i bit my toungue

shit fucking hurts man


USAF doing deep strikes in Iraq in 1991


So my flight in a C-17 was amazing :) Sadly no picutres of it cuz well i was stupid and didnt charge batteries

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Again sorry for not showing some love today

Got dragged to some party full of people i have never met before...

aint that some shit

Recue of Pvt. Lynch as carried out by

US Air Force Pararescue and Army Rangers


nice first person view

horny lil kid

My new kitten :)


Hoping everyone had a goood Friday night.

so today i start you all off with a nice look inside the war in afghanistan

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cant wait to see

the F-22 :) I love that thing


for the lack up posting today/tonight, Just got off work. :(

but ill make it up to ALL of my followers and the people i follow tomorrow ;)

Friday Night

higschool football


Sucks when

The girl you have your eye on ends up going out with someone else. And you know you shouldve have made a move earlier
So this weekend I get to go up in a Air Force C-17 Globemaster III and I'm so excited, hopefully ill have some picutres for you guys.

taking off from March ARB and going around the IE

Wanna give Another Thanks

To my 150 Follwers, :)

WTF Insurance!?!

So today I go to get 4 wisdom teeth pulled, which the insurance approved by the way. So I get 3 of them out and in the middle of the 4th tooth a nurse walks in and tells the doctor the insurance wont pay for the 4th for w.e damn reason so he sews me back up and sends me on my way.

What kind of shit is this?!?!?!? especially in the middle of the damn thing!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How was your night

I wanna say happy Friday to everyone! Have a safe, fun, and productive weekend.

What are your plans, because i know i dont have any

Anyone an ATR fan? Cuz i sure as hell am. Going to Epicenter 2010 :)

I never realized

how funny joe rogan is

more dos gringos

gonna keep em coming

you guys seem to enjoy em , soo ill keep em coming

More fighter pilot songs :) Same band, Dos Gringos

Songs for Fighter Pilots by Fighter pilots

I thought this was pretty funny and interesting, and there songs arent half bad, seeing as i dont understand most of the lingo but still worth a look :)

I've come to realize

I go through packs of gum like people smoke cigarettes, Its 2:40 and im on my 3rd pac

Starting to cool down

Starting to cool down here in California. Just gotta wait for the rain to show up and eventually snow so i can make a trip up to Big Bear!'

Who else likes inclimate weather

Android vs iOS

What do you guys think about it?

Whats your preference?

Me personally I have a Nexus One locked bootloader, rooted w/ CM6 Nightlies and i love it, i couldnt use an iphone after using android.

Broke 100

Thanks to all my followers, keep showing support guys, really great to have you!

More Waiting for MEPS

So, i get a call from my recruiter this morning saying that I wont be going to finish processing/MEPS on Monday because the Air Force put a hold on all processing until next fiscal year (october) which makes me mad cuz i wanted to get it all over with

but on a good note I get pick at a fresh Job listing, but either way im just really frustrated :(

*angry eyes*

A different look

Just a different look of the Air Force that most people doent think exist

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music to get to sleep?

Am i alone? Cuz I always have my earbuds in listening to music when im going to sleep, I find it helps. How about you guys? Most of my friends think its weird

I have an issue

To be honest, im thinking im depressed not like stabby rip stab stab depressed but I dont know, i just cant seem to be happy. And every time i am happy it never lasts long because someone rips it away from me with a stupid comment or reminds me of something i try and forget.

Shit sucks man..i need a hug

There would be no crime if this was the case

My pitbull is such a panzy

Everytime a stranger comes to the door or walks in the house you know what she does...She goes and gets a toy and wants to play with them! God forbid any one with hostile intentions comes inside cuz we are all screwed

Gained 30 followers today

Just wanna say thanks to everyone who is following. Thanks for helping a brother out


Why i love CA, not often you hear a fighter jet break the sound barrier :)


psfreedom via a Nexus One w/ amon_ra recovery

good ol VW

Just took out my VW, I love driving this thing. Its like a really big gokart :)

California Weather

Really, cmon What the hell, yesterday it was 64 degrees now its 98, can you please make up your mind,

either be cold or be hot but dont screw with me :(


Just wanna say thanks!

Hope im not alone

nut has anyone ever had a cut you weren't aware of only to have it spread blood everywhere? Poor carpet :(


I should be down at the Military Entrace Processing but noo, im not im sitting here. My recruiter screwed up and forgot to send paper work in for approval regarding my tattoo so now i have to wait till next week to go down there. *sigh*

You figure it would be in his best interest to do everything correctly, guess not

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In drone mode

sitting here staring at my monitors ignoring how tired i am and how much i wanna go to bed. not a goood feeling but i cant help it

Linkin Park: A thousand suns

Anyone else think that this was extremely sub-par. i mean honestly 4 or 5 tracks didnt even have lyrics!

whos ready!

for the fall/winter seasons!

I really enjoy the rain, it makes me happay :)

Anyone else feel the same, i mean cmon rain just sounds awesome

getting ready for BMT

So I enlisted in the air force and will graduate basic training as a SrA and go on to the TACP school house and I was curious as to if anyone had any advice for me.

I'm physically fit, mentally strait and good to go, but I still want to hear what other people have to say :)

BTW I leave in January

Doing people favors

Is it even worth it anymore? When you do someone a favor you somewhat expect them to possibly return that favor, but not anymore. Its sad really, how people can take advantage of your good hearted nature, You know what i say, Fuck em

Mission Accomplished?

Bush showed us a big ass banner on a big ass aircraft carrier saying that combat operations are over, now 6 years later, they are really over?

bout fucking time

Why? Really, just why? When is there too much pink, it sickens me

Fill in the blanks

What could this man possibly be looking at, you decide ;)

testing testing testing